Do you experience an overwhelming sense of loneliness? You may have friends – lots of them, yet, regardless how tight the friendship, there always feels like something is missing?

Maybe you are surrounded daily by work colleagues or perhaps you are surrounded by lots of family? You may be involved in a community group or church group, yet, no matter how many people are around, you feel like there has to be more!

It’s that feeling when walking into an empty home, no one to talk to, no-one to ask you about your day, no-one to share your achievements with, or talk through the challenges you faced that day.

You go to the kitchen to see what you can quickly put together and set up a table for one. You then head to bed, no-one to say goodnight to, no-one to give you a hug – the house echoes silence. Your alarm bell goes off in the AM. You get up, get ready for work and start the day all over again.

Perhaps on Sunday, you head to church. Lots of people say hi, and you engage in real shallow conversation of how are you? You head home, again, to an empty home where silence echoes throughout.

You keep on asking God, why am I alone? Is something wrong with me? How long must I wait until I meet my future spouse? Why can everyone else around me find someone, but not me?

You may be successful in your career, take real good care of your appearance, keep in shape, involved in ministry, established, have so much going for you, know you will be a blessing to whoever comes your way – yet, just can’t seem to find that one special person.

Perhaps you have waited a long time for a man to find you, or you’ve been looking for a woman, but no-one you meet seems to be aligned with you, on the same page.

Maybe you’ve been shown interest; however, those that have shown interest are not compatible. Perhaps their life goals and focuses are so different or they are at a different stage of life, heading in a different direction to the one you are heading in.

I don’t believe that there is only “one” person that is right for you. God doesn’t choose your future spouse. He will present you with options. With the wisdom He gives, you can then choose whether or not this person is right for you or not.

I believe that God will meet all our needs. This is His promise to you today. God says, “Take delight in Me, and I will give you the desires of your heart”. What does this mean? We need to be pro-actively growing in relationship with Him, understanding our purpose, running a purposeful, proactive life, with God as the centre.

I believe as you shift your focus not on the need, but, rather, on the things of God, everything, in His timing will come into alignment. You may have been waiting for 20 years or more, or maybe just a few years…God has not forgotten about you!

I believe in the time you are single, God wants to develop you and shape you to be an amazing person, not just for you, but preparing you for what is to come! Isn’t that exciting?

It is so important during your time of ‘aloneness’ that you are pro-actively developing yourself, growing, working towards your goals, understanding your purpose, aiming to grow in every aspect of your life.

Just because you are alone, does not mean that life ends, or has no meaning – quite the opposite. Don’t sit around and watch another year go by! Thank God for what is coming and get busy doing the things you can only do while single!

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