It is known in society that co-parenting is not easy. In fact, it was never God’s design for a child to be raised without two parents.

Co-parenting: It is important to ensure that when making arrangements for your child/ren, it is in their best interest only. Many will use their children as manipulation or bait (yes, I said it, bait) to try and manipulate the co-parent. This behavior will directly affect your child. It is important that there is consistency with visitation and that arrangements are mutually agreed on (when possible).

One parent only: God promises in His Word to be a Father to the fatherless For those raising children with the absence (including partial absence) of a father/mother, it is so important to declare over your child/ren daily that God is their Father. So much so, that these children should grow up knowing no different other than that they can make all their requests known to their Heavenly Father. A parents needs to speak life over their child/ren, declaring them blessed and highly favoured.