Do you end your day frustrated? Feel like you’ve lived another day with no purpose? Another day gone by and you didn’t do half the things you intended?

I think I’m somewhat unique in many areas, however, when it comes to talking about TV shows or TV episodes; people are generally shocked at how little I know.

It’s not that kicking back on a lounge is not appealing – it is, but with the things that I have deemed priority in my life, all in alignment with what I believe the purpose of my existence is, kicking back and habitually watching TV would be deducting from the limited time we all have, to be productive and pro-active.

I do admit, there is this one show that I do really enjoy. On occasion, maybe once every 3 months (literally), I catch an episode or, at least a portion of it.

Last week was one of them times. I happened to be home at the right time, had just completed my daily task-list and realised that there was still 35 minutes remaining of a one hour episode. For a moment, I got excited. I didn’t have much time, so I decided I’d quickly have my shower and whatever was remaining of the show, I’d watch.

I literally reduced my shower time by 50%, and threw myself on the lounge with the TV control. At that moment, I received a revelation, or what some may refer to as conviction.

I had literally pushed myself to rush so that I didn’t miss out on more of the show then I already had…..why don’t I do this to spend more time in God’s presence? That very question really made me search my heart. Why don’t I focus more on what needs to get done, try and be more efficient with my time, to spend more time with God?

I mean, He is the One that created me, exchanged my ashes for beauty, restores me, provides for me, brings healing to my mind, my body and emotions, orders my steps, opens doors, the One I am victorious through…

I’m sure many of us talk about having an intimate relationship with God, for many, the thought of spending more time with God may really excite you, yet, something always seems to distract. We seem to always be engulfed with ‘things’ that randomly pop up, but perhaps not prioritise what our inner self longs for – craves for, and needs.

Why doesn’t the very thought of spending more time in the presence of God, not get me running and doing everything as quickly as I can to spend more time? I know that in His presence there is an outpouring of His love, there is satisfaction and complete fulfilment.

What are your distractions that are causing disruption? What steals your time away from the things you need to focus on?

It may be that you need to drop a few activities, perhaps you need to take on new things that are relevant to your goals in life. You may need to drop some friends that prove to be greater distractions than assets. It may be social media, email alerts on your phone, regardless of the distraction, it’s so important we recognise what is the cause of disruption and then come up with a solution.

Prioritising not only helps you to be more efficient, it allows you to find more time for the things that really matter!

For some handy tips on how to find more time in your day, click here.

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