” We all experience challenges and hardship. Whether it be loss of relationship or a loved one, emotional trauma,  loss of job, financial hardship, isolation, rejection, pain, broken-down relationships, we all have one thing in common – we all need help! 

I believe that you are born with purpose, a divine and unique plan that your Author has already written for you, a personalised story. You may be on a journey, searching for answers, peace, fulfillment, unsure which direction to take, so much to navigate through.

Our Creator desires to see people restored, healed from the trauma, pain, rejection and depression that has caught many off guard. God wants us to find refuge and strength in Him alone. He wants us to be a people that know and understand the authority He has given us over circumstance.

God wants us to find hope in His promises, as He is a God that never abandons. I believe that growth through tribulation brings definement and maturity, which enables God to use us in a powerful way, to testify of His love and mercy to all mankind.


Touching thousands of people around the globe, Nancy Hanna has impacted and influenced lives through her blog site, Need Support Right Now.

Everyone faces pain, hurt, loss, rejection and relationship breakdown at some point in their life. With the lack of resources available that directly address human brokenness, Need Support Right Now was birthed.

Nancy believes that every person is born with purpose, yet, many identify themselves through their past, hurts, performance and opinions of others. Nancy believes that there is a pathway to complete freedom and understanding who you are, through connecting back to our source, the Creator.

With her passion to see the broken-hearted restored and released into freedom, Nancy a registered Counsellor, is currently under-going a pathway to complete her PhD in Counselling. Nancy is also a member of the Australian Counselling Association.