Being unemployed, having no means of income can really kick in fear. How am I going to put food on the table? How am I going to pay the bills? Pay for the basic essentials?

Having no income can offset anxiety and fear. Not many plan for unemployment, so when you find yourself suddenly with no job, it can be really challenging. Such an experience can offset trauma, causing you to self-doubt, making you feel like giving up hope. The spirit of rejection can allow you to lose all heart and hope.

Sasha was in her mid 20’s. She had a well-paying job. Not only did she love her job, she was good at it! She arrived at work at 9am, excited for a new day, ready to kick some goals. Upon arriving at work, she was called in for an extraordinary meeting with the board. Sasha’s heart beat increased as she made her way to the boardroom. In her mind, she was certain they were going to recognise her efforts and the wins she had in the workplace and offer her a promotion.

As she entered into the boardroom and sat down, she smiled at the board, beaming from ear to ear, full of expectation. The board then advised her that as a company, they were cutting down on staff, and as a result, her employment was going to be terminated, effective immediately. Sasha went into shock, she felt numb. It didn’t make sense. How could they do this to her? She loved the company she worked for and had planned to work herself up the ranks.

Sasha went home, confused, her mind in a whirlwind! How was she going to pay her loan off? How was she going to meet her financial commitments? Sasha immediately went into a frenzie and started applying for jobs, anything and everything.

A month later, Sasha was still unemployed, every application she submitted for employment – rejected. Sasha began to feel exhausted, frustrated, tired, angry, despair – all hope gone! Sasha also began to blame God for her circumstances.

Months went by, Sasha still unemployed. Sasha had given up all hope, tried to battle unemployment with all her strength and realised she had no choice but to surrender herself and her situation of unemployment to God.

As she did this, day by day, Sasha learnt more about Gods character. She learnt that He wanted more for her then she wanted for herself. She learnt that it’s not what she does or how much she does that equates to provision, but rather, God provides because He loves her, not because she has to earn His provision.

For months, Sasha lived on no income, yet, every expense was paid and Sasha kept up to date with all expenses. Some time later, God opened amazing doors to Sasha and provided her with a role that would have taken her an average of 5 years experience to get into.

Looking back, Sasha lives now knowing, that God is her Provider, despite going through challenges, including unemployment.

Allow your storm to be your foundation of growth. When you find yourself in financial hardship, wait on God, seek Him, He has already promised that He will provide for all your needs daily! By you not working does not mean that God’s provision is switched off. He is faithful during the good times as well as the challenging!

It is good to work, in fact, God instructs us to work, however, in the times we face challenges, you must trust Him.

If you have been financially stressed and would like to be set free from hopelessness and frustration, let us pray for you. You can post a request here.

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