Feeling overwhelmed? No matter how much you do, there’s always more to do? Have trouble sleeping? Is your mind constantly on over-drive?

I can definitely say that I have, and still occasionally experience that sensation of being overwhelmed. Being a sole parent to two amazing kids, managing a business in a fast-paced industry, school drop offs/pickups, grocery shopping, preparing meals daily/school lunches, cleaning, laundry, paying bills, helping out with kids assignments, driving to and from music tuition/sports can least to say, be challenging! Worrying or rethinking whether all the boxes are ticked, whether or not you are on top of everything can be overwhelming.

I used to carry every burden, and felt like I had to do so many things (like work 24/7) to set myself up for the future. I used to worry about what was coming my way in future days, so much so, I would drive myself to insanity re-thinking and re-strategising directions in which I thought were best for me and my children. I would burden myself with overwhelming thoughts and concerns regarding the future. I would concern myself with how I was going to do things in up-coming days and what I needed to do to, to get there. I would over-concern myself and apply unnecessary pressures to keep up with social pressures, as well as take on external pressures.

I knew deep down, there had to be a better way. There was no way of on-going survival with the mindset I had adopted in addition to all the pressures of life.

It was just a matter of time before I realised that I needed to alter my mind-set. How? I needed to switch my focus from the way I understand and see things, to the way God sees me, and equip myself with the tools He has given me. I needed to come to a point of understanding that I didn’t have to burden myself by coming up with daily strategy and direction, but rather, rest in God, knowing and believing He will order my steps.

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; For the Lord upholds him with His hand. Psalm 37:23-24

Isn’t that an amazing promise! I always knew this verse from young, but when I understand the relevance this promise had on my life, especially in the season I was going through, it was a burden lifted off. I don’t have to worry which steps I will take, God lays them out for me.

You may be asking, well, how do I know what steps He orders before me? How can I be certain?

For me, I lay everything before Him in prayer. I meditate on His Word and through this, I receive revelations.

What God is saying is that He will go before you, He will guide you, he will order every step before you and when you are obedient to the steps He places before you, God delights in your ways. This is not all, it continues to say, even when you fall, when you take a wrong step, He promises to uphold you.

If God is ordering my steps before me, towards the plan He has for me, which I have the confidence and assurance He has because He says…

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.

…why was I worrying about tomorrow? Since receiving and accepting this revelation and placing my trust in Him, that He has great plans for me, and He will order my steps before me, I let go of trying to steer my life and now trust my future in His hands!

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