There are two sides of judgement, both just as harmful as the other.

The first is when we are judged, gossiped about or criticised. What do we do? Do we lash out? Do we try to defend ourselves so people know our side? Do we try to bring the other person down to make us look better? Do we look for fault in the other person? Maybe we stew about it and our thoughts bring us into a negative place. Do we shrink back and try to hide from others? We may even allow those words to penetrate to our heart and make us believe that we are less than. These words can make us bitter and it is so easy in that place to look for revenge because we are hurt.

Jesus said “Bless those who curse you”. Wow, that is so hard to do but what I have found is that it sets us free. When we think about that person and we pray a blessing over them, it releases us from the bitterness, anger and pain. It keeps our heart healthy. We start to see people in their hurt and have empathy for where they are.

A few years ago I had a woman who was so nasty to me and said things that were not true. I was so angry at the time but decided I needed to drop it for my own health. Just recently she opened up to me about some things she had gone through and the immense pain she was carrying because of that. We never know the battles people are facing and the pain they are going through so it is always better to bless them and be kind to them.

The other side is when we judge other people. This is where we become proud believing that we are better than others when in fact it reveals that we are struggling within ourselves. I remember something that Ps Ray Andrews said in a sermon “When I am happy with me, I’m happy with you”. A person who gossips and judges will always be someone who is in pain themselves. When we find flaws in others or tear others down, we are looking to ease our own inferiority. If we find ourselves quick to judge or criticise others, then we need to look inside and see what we are not happy with.

Loving people and being kind are not always easy but it helps us live a much more peaceful life both within ourselves and with those around us!

Naomi Enevoldson

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