Are you on a quest to find love? To be loved?

Did you know that your spirit was designed to be loved. God has designed you in such a way that your spirit seeks love, hence we yearn for physical affection. Think about it, a baby longing for the physical affection of their parents, finding comfort in their embrace. No-one taught a baby how to find comfort in the receiving of love. A baby automatically gravitates toward affection and love, and in that, finds comfort.

Many people are on a pursuit to find love, a void that they need filled, not just a mere desire.

If we do not receive expressions of affection or sincere love, which in essence is like food and water to our spirit, we begin to embrace and in some cases cling to substitutes, that long-term, never satisfy and cause deep frustration.

Unfortunately, many have a very messed up understanding of what love is. The way many people interpret and relate to love can be limited and often interpreted and defined by their own experience and circumstance.

For example, Tasha grew up in a beautiful home. Both her parents were highly respected medical practitioners. Her parents ran their own medical practice. Tasha’s parents would often come home exhausted. Tasha’s father would come home after a busy day, eat dinner and lock himself in the study for the remainder of the evening to finish off his admin work. The only time Tasha was able to receive her Father’s full attention and gain affection from him was when she was unwell. This is how Tasha grew to identify love, according to her own personal experience and relationship with her Father.

When Tasha was unwell, her Father would sit by her bed, hold her hand, talk with her, check her temperature, make her hot cups of tea. Tasha craved for this attention so much, she would often exaggerate her ‘unwellness’ in order to gain her father’s attention and affection.

Tasha eventually married Josh. Josh, like Tasha’s Father, was a hardworking man. Josh specialised in paediatrics and work was very demanding on him. When Tasha would fall ill, she had an expectancy that Josh would do as her Father did, and give her his undivided attention. Josh would tell Tash to take a Panadol and get some rest.

Josh’s reaction to her ‘unwellness’ shattered her. She was devastated! Thoughts crept in to her mind that Josh didn’t love her. Josh didn’t know or even understand Tasha’s craving and deeper desire for affection. He was not at all aware of how his response to her would make her feel.

Josh did love Tasha, however, Tasha was not able to identify this because of the way she identified love.

How do you identify love? How should we identify love?

I truly believe that in order to experience real love and to identify to it in the way we were created to be loved and receive love, we must have an encounter with God’s agape love. Agape love is the highest form of love. Agape is a sacrificial love that voluntarily suffers inconvenience, discomfort, and even death for the benefit of another without expecting anything in return.

There is only one way to satisfy the craving of your spirit and this is to experience and receive God’s Agape, unconditional, sacrificial, intense love. God’s love alone will satisfy every craving and desire to be love. His love is eternal and in abundance.

Are you tired of trying to find love? Are you fed up with all the disappointments and let downs you have experienced in your quest to find love?

Let today be the day that you make a decision to surrender your quest to find love.
“Today, love is knocking at your door”

Ask God to fill you with His love, His love that satisfies.

If you are on a journey to find and experience God’s Agape love, let us pray for you. You can post a request here.

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