When I work up this morning, one question was impressed upon me. What is growing in my garden? I thought about this question and began to ask myself, what am I watering in my life, nurturing, allowing to grow in my garden, in my environment? What kind of garden would I like?

I remember back years ago, when I decided to grow a veggie patch in my garden. I planted seeds, topped them with fertilizer and regularly watered them waiting for those seeds to sprout, eventually bearing fruit.

Every day I went into my garden, I would find weeds sprouting here and there. I never planted these weeds. When I pulled one out, often other roots of weed were attached. I’d then dig deeper into the soil, only to find more roots of weed. I knew, if I didn’t remove these weeds from the roots, they would multiply and grow, suffocating the seeds that I planted.

My garden reminds me of life in general. We all want a nice ‘fruitful’ garden. A garden bearing good fruit in every season. Like life, we want to have provision in food, clothing, shelter, water, we want our environment to be orderly, predictable and attractive. We often find our lives in turmoil with things that come up, whether that be people that show up for a brief moment or long term relationship pains. Maybe financial difficulty, loss of a family member, job loss, disappointment, rejection, broken dreams, broken promises, identity crisis, business loss, we all struggle with unexpected crisis. We are to expect crisis, however, what have we allowed to grow and establish in our garden? What have we nurtured, watered and allowed to flourish?

I look and reflect on my personal garden and I can see through my own behaviour and actions, many weeds that I allowed to find a home to. These can be in the form of bitter thoughts, unhealthy relationships, unforgiveness, disappointment, not letting go of the past, blaming God for my current situation and circumstance. When I reflect, I can identify that some of these roots have grown into shrubs, some into overbearing trees. I had allowed these weeds to grow in my garden for a long time, causing clutter, taking up room in areas my life should really be bearing fruit. Some of these weeds, the roots go so deep, ie, issues that have not yet been addressed, confronted and dealt with.

I made a decision today,  that I am going to clean up my garden. No more weeds!  I want every weed removed by the root, not giving it an opportunity to poison my garden again. No matter how deep the pain of addressing and pulling out these roots, they need to go.


Here is how you can practically clean up your garden. Invite Holy Spirit to show you areas in your garden (environment) that are taking up space and not allowing your life to flourish and be fruitful. Write each “weed” down that you can identify. It may be that there are certain people you need to cut out of your life, it may be that you need to forgive a person/s, perhaps you need renewing of your mind, not seeing things from your own limited perspective, but seeing things from God, the Creators perspective. Perhaps you need to go through a journey of self-acceptance, breaking the power of things spoken negatively over you. You may have been born into a family where they’ve spoken things like ” you’ll never be somebody”, and you’ve accepted these declarations, allowing these lies to dig deep roots in your garden.  You may have some bad habits that you need to be set free from, including addictions.

Ask God to help you clean up your garden. He wants us to live in freedom, free from deep-rooted weeds that suffocate and make our garden toxic. Not only in the physical and emotional, but also in the mind. We need to hold every root-lie captive and demolish unhealthy thought patterns that influence how we view ourselves and influence decisions we make intentionally or reactive based.

Let today be a new day! Make a decision today to clean up your garden!

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